Kuba Sojka – Mysterious Intrigue EP

Kuba Sojka`s first album on Mathematics gets the EP release.
A nice picking of four tracks from the 2011 album gets released on a single wax with a beautiful artwork cover.
On Side A, the choice of putting together the original version of “I Cant Stop”, a deep and hard tune, with “So Far Away”, a slower and smoother one, could be not so popular, but it works.
The selection on Side B, instead, is excellent. “El Trumpetista” was one of the finest track of the album and is a true delight to find it again on this EP. Plus, if you are in the right mood, “Galactic Ritual” works extremely well after it.
Honestly, this is a good picking and a good EP as well, but I`m a little bit disappointed, just because I would have loved to listen again to Mysterious Intrigue, my favorite track from the album.

A1. I Cant Stop (Original Mix)
A2. So Far Away
B1. El Trumpetista
B2. Galactic Ritual

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