Rick Wade – Neverending Reflections

From the graphic novel to the soundtrack, “Neverending Reflections” is Rick Wade’s new album, released on Harmonie Park and  limited to 400 copies worldwide.

The story is created by Abdul Haqq, in collaboration with Shinichiro Watanabe and Dai Sato, and features Rick Wade as the main character. If you are following Rick on his Facebook Fan Page, then you’ll know he’s really into anime and manga world, and that perhaps the “Gundam” saga is his favorite anime.

The album is a great mix of deep house and hip hop. First of all, I gotta say that “Dimensional Fugitive” is one hellova joint, and it reminds me a lot Nujabes. The amazing “The Amnesia Game” track features some samples from Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit“, what a nice surprise! For what concerns the well-known deep side of Rick, the house tunes are good as always, “GNA Theme” and “Feeling” with Eva Soul above all.

I got to admit, maybe Rick did not expect this, but the beauty of his new album comes from the hip hop productions. Play “Life in the Colony” and then you gonna believe me.



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