Alexander Robotnik vs J.A.N. – Problems D’amour

This limited edition vinyl released just 3 months ago has already got a $80.00 ticket price. Enough to draw our attention.

Alexander Robotnik alias Maurizio Dami produced “Problems D’amour” in 1983. He said in a interview: “Giampiero, the head of Materiali Sonori, pushed me to make some disco music, because we were both broke. “We can make easy money with disco music,” he said to me. “Just put a bass drum in four/four and you sell 10,000 copies!” So I worked on a disco track with my cheap electronic equipment. The track was “Problèmes d’Amour.” Anyway, I was disappointed by the results of “Problèmes.” We sold just 10,000 copies, so it was the minimum figure, as I said above. And I started to be involved in different things. But some years later I understood that the track had an impressive influence on dance music and it was a cult track for some DJs. In the end it’s better like this. It’s not bad to have a song that is still relevant for the scene.”

The track we are talking about has been re-edited by KZR, aka Kai Alce (head of NDATL Muzik), and J.A.N. aka Moodymann.
It was released at the Deep Detroit DEMF after party (5/29/11) at 1515 Broadway for the offical release of part 3 in the Music Institute 20th anniversary series and only 300 copies were pressed.



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