Osunlade – Pyrography

Pyrography is the self proclaimed ‘last house album’ from Yoruba head Osunlade. And it’s OUT NOW!
Along with the stunning cover art, each track is accompanied by an artwork piece from renowned Pyrography artist Scott Marr making this a must for followers of the Yoruba label. Plus, there’s a limited edition book and cd version for this release. Its a 12 x 12 inch hard cover book bound with leaf paper, each page printed on 100 plus weighted cougar paper & features the first ever published oriki’s (traditional yoruba prayers) printed on a special japanese haiku type paper from nepal alongside its english translation and full mediums used for each piece. The book also features the cd itself. The price of this astonishing portfolio is €120. Each book will come signed by Osunlade & Scott Marr.


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If you are interested in the limited edition, submit your email and interest to osunlade@osunlade.net, All orders will be made via paypal.

If that’s not enough, here’s a special interview with Osunlade & Scott Marr

Not enough? Check this out, too.


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