Joy of Sound Productions – Image Fades Away

Marvin Belton, Vincent Halliburton and James Thomas release what needs to be classified as a classic EP in our deep house world.

With KDJ’s blessing, “Image Fades Away” has been revisited twice. The warm feeling on the R&B mix is placed next to the deep interpretation  of the second remix. Chords on this last version could seem a little bit too simple and not that  impressive, but the feeling is great.

On the other side of the vynil, “Body Body” with its irresistible rhythm and well done vocals is def the dancefloor killer on the EP, even if the electric flavour at some point is really useless.

A deep speech, some percussions, synth rising and falling: “Catch a Clue” is the icing on the cake that closes this stunning EP, a perfect example of what could be defined as “joy of deep”

B1. Image Fades Away (R&B Mix)
B2. Image Fades Away (Deep House Cut)
B1.1 Body Body
B1.2 Catch a Clue



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