Rio Padice – Earthrise

Naples based Rio Padice aka Dario di Pace is ready to hit you with some of the finest deep house from his new EP “Earthrise”.

Dario di Pace’s 3 new tracks are what deepness in music is all about. The synths on the strong “Voyager” mixed together with its sick keys and its solid beat are really the perfect sound for a voyage into the cosmic space.
A Vision to the Past” has got  something that bring us back in the old Detroit and gives the desire to go back in the day. Another well made track for Dario.
But now it’s time for the shining track of the EP, Pale Blue Dot, so let’s turn our 12” side. Here we find one of the answers par excellence when they ask you “what’s deep house music?”. Word.

We must say, however,  that when you listen to this fine work of art, the feeling is a bit strange.  There’s something, especially in the last two tracks, that makes you gloomy in a certain sense… because you really want more of music like this today.

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